How To Find Out Your Computer Is Infected Without Knowing You

How To Find Out Your Computer Is Infected Without Knowing You

You will know that your computer is infected with malware when you lost data. So these are the steps to find the presence of malware.

Direct signs of malware infection

  • Unusual messages:

                   An unusual error message saying you have a corrupt file in your computer or a message pops up informing that one of your programmes is attempting to access Internet without your command, these are the signs of malware infection.
  • Browser redirects:
                   When you want to search for anything on google and you are redirecting to some other page (other than the page you are looking for) happens again and again. This is a sign for malware infection
  • Pop-ups:
                    Unwanted messages popping up on your screen is the clearest sign of malware infection.
  • Different homepage and new toolbars:

                    When you accidentally clicked on a link and it downloaded unwanted software and installed in your computer. It is also a clear signs of malware infection.
  • CD-ROM tray opens and closes:

                     If your CD-ROM tray or DVD burner opens every 10-15 seconds and closes immediately any you can’t control it from its switch. It is a sign of malware.
  • Firewall gets disabled:

            If a Trojan is accidentally installed then you will get a pop up Firewall is disabled.
  • Programmes run voluntarily:

            If the programs on your computer start running on their own without you starting them. It is also a sign of malware infection.

Indirect signs of malware infection
  • Excessive hard drive activity:

            The abnormal or excessive hard disk activity and no program is downloading at that moment, then check your computer for malware. It is always better to keep a check on what programmes and processes are constantly accessing your hard drive, so you can easiliy detect unusual activity.
  • Unresponsive web browser:

            If your web browser freezes or does not respond to commands. Check for WIFI signal (because it may also due to slow internet connection) and download speed before suspecting a malware infection.
  • Everything slows down:

            If a malware infected your system your computer will be slow down. It may also be due to lack of hard drive space, lack of ram or hard drive issues affecting your drive.
  • PC frequently crashes or hangs:

            There are many reasons for system crashing. It may be due to incompatibility issue between programs or software and hardware that needs update. Mostly it is the reason of malware infection.
  • Signs of email infection:

             If you received emails or messages without sender address and subject. It is also a indirect sign of malware (but not always).

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