continuous beep sound when Laptop starts

The kind of blare your PC makes when beginning up is intended to clarify your PC's status. One long, ceaseless blare for the most part implies that there is an equipment issue – frequently memory related – that can keep your PC from beginning up by any stretch of the imagination.

Since this is a PC, it could be a lose/irregular power association issue. A great deal of PCs make a blare when you plug in or unplug the power connector (Lenovo is notable for this). This may show an issue with the power connector string or the power connector itself, or the jack within the PC.

Snap the drop-down menu in the "Start up" segment, at that point click "Crippled." Click "Stop" in "Current status" to stop the sound right away. On the off chance that you don't press stop, the signaling sound will keep on being empowered until you restart your PC.


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